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Goodnite Sleep Solution

Sleep, where comfort and tranquility meet

Our Practice

Goodnite Sleep Solution LLC is in Redlands California serving the San Bernardino, Riverside and surrounding areas. We are a sleep study testing facility and ancillary health company licensed for diagnostic testing of sleep disorders, providing both in lab facility and at home sleep testing. 

Goodnite Sleep Solution, LLC is accredited by the ACHC as well as being an approved Medicare provider. We are also proud to serve our military veteran community via (VA) Triwest Alliance.

Insurance Plans We Recognize

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TriWest Alliance


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Attended sleep studies

Sleep studies are performed Monday-Sunday nights.

Home sleep testing

At home sleep testing is available. 

Sleep Medicine Consultations

Sleep medicine consultations are performed by one of our board certified sleep physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sleep studies are performed at Goodnite Sleep Solution?

  • Attended diagnostic sleep studies (PSG)

  • Attended PAP (CPAP/BIPAP) titration

  • Attended Pediatric diagnostic sleep studies

  • Unattended (HST) Home Sleep testing

  • Attended Multiple Sleep Latency test (MSLT)

Do you offer sleep medicine consultations?

  • Yes, sleep medicine consultations are available by appointment only and are performed by one of our board certified sleep physicians on site or via Tele-medicine. Please contact our office to discuss scheduling a sleep medicine consultation.

What is your new patient procedure?

  • If you are finding us here for the first time and you are interested in a sleep study for yourself, family member or friend, please contact our patient support team for further instruction on scheduling a sleep study or sleep medicine consultation.

  • If you have been referred to us by your physician our patient support staff will be making attempts to reach you via the information provided.  Once we speak with you over the phone our patient support staff member will go over the entire testing procedure, answer any questions you may have and schedule the ordered test.

  • Once your appointment has been scheduled, Our staff will provide you with appointment details via text message. A week prior to your appointment a follow up appointment reminder will automatically get delivered to you via your mobile phone.

Do you offer any options for a patient without medical insurance requiring a sleep study?

  • Yes, If you require a sleep study and do not have medical insurance please contact us to discuss other options.

Can someone stay with me during my appointment?

  • Under special circumstances patients are allowed a guest. Please discuss this prior with your patient support staff member.

How long does the test last?

  • Overnight sleep study appointments are scheduled at 8:00 pm, 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm.  The sleep study is typically over no later than 6 am the following morning.

Does the test hurt?

  • The test is non-invasive and not painful.

How do I get the results from my sleep study.

  • Our board certified sleep physician will review the sleep study recording along with any clinical history typically within 48 hours. The sleep technologist cannot discuss any results with the patient. Once our physician reviews and interprets the study, a final report will be forwarded to your doctor within a week. Please follow up with us after the study for information on whether or not you need to return for a follow up appointment.








Business Hours 

Mon-Fri  from  9 am-5 pm

Sleep Study Clinic Hours 

Mon - Sun nights 

by appointment only

Sleep Medicine Consultations

by appointment only


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Contact Us

1902 Orange Tree Ln #160, Redlands, CA 92374, USA

Office: (909) 335-0335

Fax: (909)335-0337

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